The Best Rafting Trip Options In Arizona

The Arizona River Rafting is known and being loved for the first rafting opportunities in the each spring in the US. The Arizona raft adventure offers the truly unique experience with some gorgeous high desert scenery and the wildlife. The chance to get away from it all on the remote wilderness trips. It is ideal for those who are itching to get on the river or want to ski one day, and the rafting is next. The Arizona rafting trips are located within the few hours of both Phoenix and Tucson.

The many people come to Arizona for some perfect time, and most of them ignore the fun that they can have the rafting on our body’s water. The many even forget that we have the waterways in Arizona and they made the mistake of thinking that it is only the desert.


If you have the idea of a rafting trip, on vacation, then there are many rafting trip options are available in the Arizona for you to choose from. Rafting companies can help you to design the ideal vacation, which meets your personal and vacation style. We all want the holiday a little bit different than the other people. No two individuals are the same. That is even true when it comes from those individuals who like rafting. That is why we are focusing on sharing with you the rafting trip options in Arizona to make a unique trip for each person.

If this is something which excites you and you know that you love to go for the rafting trip, then the local companies can plan the perfect trip for you. It may have the many years of experience customizing the vacation experiences for all the different kinds of people and design something which you love. It is all about to give each the best experience which meets their personality and not the cookie-cutter experience at all. It is all about to plan the best trip for the single person, groups of friends, married people, the family with children and even older as well.


Arizona Rafting - Salt River Rafting


Discover the Arizona's best-kept secret: The Upper Salt River Canyon. The Whitewater river rafting is located just 2 hours from the East Phoenix and North Tucson, which is known as the mini grand canyon with the early spring season. The Upper Salt River Canyon should not be missed for the river enthusiasts or the first timers alike. The challenge Arizona and exciting rapid in this 2000 foot deep Canyon. The paddle past towering rock walls and through the exciting class lll Rapids on the partial and type lV on the overnight trips. The further you can go to into the Salt River Canyon, the more you will be in the awe.


Arizona Rafting - The Verde River



The Arizona's only federal designed "wild and scenic" river, The Verde River with its variable spring season. With the wild and scenic designation, you will be treated to the amazing scenery and wildlife. The canyon illuminates the spectacular golden, brown and red hues. The wildlife sightings, including the blue herons, red tail hawks and golden and bald eagles. 


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