5 Top Places to Visit in Central America

5 Top Places to Visit in Central America


Central America is considered to be a thin section of a link which links South American continent with the North American continent. The city has diversification of history and beauty. It has gained high prominence all over the globe owing to the ancient ruins. The city offers a lot to beach lovers. If you are planning your next trip to Central America, make sure to pay a visit to the below-mentioned tourist destinations:


Semuc Champey in Guatemala

Semuc Champey happens to be one of the most well-renowned tourist destinations in Guatemala. Nestled in the lush mountainous jungle, the tourists can explore the nearby water caves here. The place mesmerizes the travelers with the natural beauty. A 45-minute hike to the viewpoint via the jungle is sure to enchant you. The lush green mountains are totally worth the visit. You can chill in the turquoise blue pools during your visit to the city.



Copan is one of the most popular places in Central America. The ruins of the city offer a lot to history lovers. The Macaw Mountain bird and nature reserve mesmerizes the travelers in the city. The Tea & Chocolate Place is a prominent place in Copan where you can enjoy top quality hot chocolate. The hot springs in the place have plentiful pools of different temperature. The Sculpture Museum is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the place.


Granada in Nicaragua

Granada in Nicaragua is recognized to be one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe. The city lures a number of travelers across the globe. As a tourist, you are sure to fall in love with colonial and colorful architecture. You can have a view of this panoramic city from the Iglesia de La Merced. You can also enjoy boat riding while visiting the Islets of Granada.


Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is recognized to be one of the largest islands, situated in Belize. It is essentially a ring of white sand beach where mangrove swamp is located in the center. It has been named as the top tourist destination in Central America. You can go for fishing, diving during your visit to the place. The white sandy beaches are known to be the primary choice for travelers in this travel destination.


Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

If you are going for a vacation in Central America, do not forget to visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. It is recognized to be one of the top coveted tourist destinations owing to the enchanting natural beauty. You can take participation in a plethora of activities such as canopy tours, zip lining during your visit to the place. You can find several species of birds while visiting the place.


Central America has a wide array of tourist destinations where you can rejoice in during a vacation. If you are planning a short vacation and have a limited time to visit the country, ensure to visit these places mentioned above. You are sure to get mesmerized by the beauty of these places.

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